Local musician Denny Welburn is making a big donation to Valley Heritage Radio in the Ottawa Valley.    Welburn, a singer and guitarist,  has put his musical  stamp on the Ottawa Valley for almost 40 years.   Now he volunteers at the community radio station that is dedicated to keeping local music alive.   So, when Denny decided it was time to gather his large circle of musical friends and make a CD, it wasn't long before he knew where the proceeds would go.  

I caught up with Denny Welburn and a few of his musical colleagues  the same evening he debuted some of the CD.   

With so many musicians spread out over Ottawa and Valley the trick was to make them sound like they were recording together, when in fact that never happened.   One by one, they dropped by Tony's Studio to lay down their various talents.   For some it was vocal tracks, other base or sax. It was up to Tony to orchestrate everyone, something he equates to piecing together a puzzle.  

Ornella and Bruce didn't have long to wait.  Tony was ready in his basement studio to let Denny and anyone else who had contributed to the CD have a listen.  I tagged along to get their reaction. 

Ornella and Bruce didn't have long to wait.  Tony was ready in his studio to give Denny and friends a listen to the final product.  I tagged along to get their reaction.

Good Time Heart will go on sale at the end of October.   Proceeds to Valley Heritage Radio, 98.7 FM  

Below is a list of some of the talent musicians who contributed to Denny Welburn's CD - GOOD TIME HEART.  

Dick Cooper, Gail Gavan, Arlene Quinn, Marleen Fawcett, Wendy Desabrais, Chris McCann, Dale Dusharm, Bob Clermont, Terry Tufts, Kyle Felhaver, Roddy McCann, Mike Clouthier, John Atkinson, Joanne Dubeau, Jennifer Johnston, Joanne MCann, Brooke and Morgan Welburn.