GoodNight Boy in the 1310 Studio

I didn't have to venture far this week to find a musical guest for my regular Thursday segment featuring  local talent.    One of the first things my colleagues at 1310 told me when I started was that morning show co-host Alex Black has an incredible singing voice and that she plays in a band.   So on Dec. 15th I persuaded Alex to haul herself back to work in the afternoon, bring her singing and life partner Connor Lafleur, and any instrument they would need for an in studio performance.   Together they are GoodNight Boy.    I am not sure what I expected.   The two songs they performed were both intense and complicated - their musical genre - not easy to peg. If you want a unique sound - check this band out.   You won't be disappointed.  

Watch for GoodNight Boy Dec. 29th Live on Elgin.