Tree Planting Appeal from Ed Lawrence

Spring is a wonderfully noisy time.  The birds are back looking for mates, rivers are roaring with flood waters; kids are re-discovering the joy of being outside.  This spring, another sound will fill the air.  Chainsaws.  Ash trees are being felled in record numbers in the capital - killed by the ravenous emerald ash boer.  In the south end, doomed trees are easily spotted by the chipped away bark exposing woodpecker holes.       

 Ottawa homeowner Dave Hostettler could no longer avoid the inevitable.  

The loss of so many trees has captured the attention of Canada's Popular Gardening Expert Ed Lawrence. 

Lawrence estimates 30 per cent of the tree canopy in Ottawa will soon be gone, not just because of Emerald Ash Boer, but from long lasting damage from the ice storm of 1998.   He is dismayed little has officially been done to replace our lost trees, so he is making a public appeal to all Canadians. 

Lawrence believes Canadians can undertake a national tree planting program without government involvement, and he says we can start just as soon as the frost is out of the ground. 

These are Ed's tips on what to plant and how to ensure your tree thrives.  

 Lawrence is hoping we share his appeal, and jump on board.   Dave Hostettler tells me he will definitely replace his lost ashes.  

While there will be no official record of the number of trees Canadians plant I am issuing my own appeal.   When you plant your tree, or trees,  take a picture or video and mail it to me.  I will happily publish it here to help encourage others to take up the challenge.