My Best Friend

This week our Best Best Friend is in training to be a Guide Dog.  An important role, because he will become not only a best friend, but someone's eyes and helper as well.  Before a potential Guide Dog is ready for training he, or she,  must learn how to behave in a busy world.  It means living with a puppy walker, approved by the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.  

So let's meet Tina Bernier, and her canine student, Duke. 

The Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is always in need of volunteers.  If you love dogs and want to "give back",  like Tina and her family, please contact 

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

4120 Rideau Valley Dr N, Manotick, ON K4M 1B2

Phone:(613) 692-7777


Joanne Anslow introduces us to her best friend, Baloo, a five year old Great Dane. Baloo lived in several homes before Joanne adopted him.  She wants anyone considering getting a large breed dog to do their homework first.  Big dogs make great pets, if you are prepared for them.  Too many are surrendered when they grow to full size.  If you would like a big dog, check out the Big Dog Rescues in the area.  Your best friend could be waiting for you.  

This week's MY BEST FRIEND comes to use from Brian Morris, my former colleague and videographer, which explains why Gizmo, his cat,  is the star.  Not a peep from Brian.   He lets the video speak for itself.  Here is Gizmo getting his daily exercise.   Not sure whether he wants to play or just wants that other darn cat out of his yard.   Enjoy.