Mothers Against Drunk Driving is hoping to team up with medical marijuana growers that are sanctioned by Health Canada.  Just as it has partnered with the LCBO, MADD would work with growers to educate the public about the dangers of using its product.  

MADD says it has no option but to start focusing efforts on drug impaired driving, citing recent statistics that show more people are killed in crashes because of drugs, than from alcohol. MADD fears those numbers will only increase once the federal government legalizes marijuana.  It plans to  press the Trudeau Liberals to make public safety and education a priority. 

Twenty years ago Marjory Lebreton's daughter and grandson were killed by a drunk driver here in Ottawa.    It was a devastating tragedy she wanted no other families to endure, so she joined MADD Canada.  The former Senator sat down with me to talk about how MADD plans to tackle the complicated issue of legalized pot and driving.