Bekings Eggs

A growing demand for more ethically raised chicken and hens, and other animals we consume is changing the way farmers around the world are operating.   When it comes to purchasing locally grown and humanely raised produce and meats, Ottawans are increasingly offered more choice. 

This story is about one local egg farm operation that knows giving consumers what they want makes good business sense.  

The Beking Family who live and operate in Oxford Station, about an hour south of Ottawa, have been egg farmers for almost half a century.  Today the farm produces 20 thousand eggs a day,  supplying 150 customers in the Ottawa area with a grade A product.  Deliveries, many to fancy restaurants and organic stores in the Capital,  are made several times a week, ensuring the freshest egg possible.  The owners of the business, John and Cora Beking,  believe a decision made more than ten years ago to improve the living environment for their hens has contributed to its success today.  

John and his wife Cora are a team, working shoulder to shoulder in the barns.  Their children have helped out since they were just chicks themselves.  Now they're preparing to take over, allowing their parents to slow down a bit.  It was David Beking who took me on a tour of one of the barns to meet the hens.

With twenty thousand hens laying one egg a day, automation is a must.   Still, the Bekings are  busy seven days a week, 265 days a year collecting, packaging and delivering eggs to customers. 

Dora Beking showed me what's involved.  

The Bekings are understandably proud of their eggs.  They believe how they treat their hens, and their tasty freshness is what keeps customer coming back,  


Beking Eggs can be found in Kardish Food stores in Ottawa, Herb and Spice and Rainbow Foods, to name just a few locations.  

For a complete list and other information check out their website.