Peter Needs a Robotic Arm


What price would you put on your independence?  For a young Ottawa man born with cerebral palsy, it's thirty thousand dollars.   

Peter Trajdos needs a robotic arm to feed himself and get a drink of water when he wants.   For his entire life,  22 years, he has had to rely on his parents to help with those survival skills; abilities most of us take for granted.   It hasn't been easy on anyone.  Peter is totally dependant;   His 56 year old mother who is on duty 24-7, is now suffering from the aches and pains of lifting and feeding her adult son.   

Then a year ago Peter was introduced to a game changer.  It was a robotic arm, developed by Montreal firm, Kiouva, which makes assistive robotics that empower people with disabilities to push beyond their boundaries.   Peter worked with the arm for a week, testing it, practicing how best to maneuver it to grab glasses and forks.

 Working with the arm is challenging.  Peter, who has mastered tablets and computers to help him communicate, is confident he will become just as proficient with the robotic arm.   The price tag however, 30 thousand dollars, has crushed his dream.   His parents can't afford it, and the cost isn't covered by any government plan.  I spoke with Peter and his mother Isabella about what their life is like now and how a robotic arm would change everything. 

Peter is a surprisingly happy young man, in spite of his physical challenges, and he remains optimistic.    He set up his own GOFundMe account, hoping strangers would kick in to help his cause.   I stumbled on his story after spotting his little GOFUND me sign pinned on store bulletin board.  It's raised a couple of thousand dollars - but there is a long way to go.  Peter Trajdos needs a robotic arm and I'm asking you to help. 

Peter Trajdos will celebrate his 23 birthday on June 9th.  Wouldn't a robotic arm be just the best gift ever?    You'll find a link to Peter's GOFUND me account below.