Wounded Warriors Ride

This could really only happen in the Ottawa area.   Saturday, May 7th was a busy day.  I started my day in Manotick meeting the winners of the Marvelous Mother's Day contest.  I shot some video, then jumped into my car with my daughter and sped off for Richmond, where I was supposed to meet up with a group of all female motorcycle riders, called WindSisters.    I knew they were gathering in Richmond, so I figured it wouldn't be hard to find them. Wrong.  They weren't in any of the obvious spots.  Instead of giving up, I decided to be a good woman and ask for help.  I stopped a group of riders on the street to see if  they knew where I could find the other bikers. It turned out I knew the woman on the back of one of the motorcycles.  When she heard question she yelled back, "Follow us."   So I did....for kilometre, after kilometre, after kilometre.  After ten minutes or so It became obvious something was not right.  I finally flagged them down to ask where they were going.  Well, to make a long story short, the bikes I was following did not belong to the group I was looking for.   This was different group all together, but they were riding for a good cause.  So I decided to go as far as they next step.  It was a beautiful day to visit bustling Merrickville.  That's where I got to ask the participants in the Ride for Disabled Vets a few questions.  

Note to myself.    Always get an exact location, write it down, and get a contact number for good measure.