Star Trek Summer Jobs.

There are summer jobs and then there are World Premiere Summer job.  Anyone lucky enough to have landed work at the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa this summer must surely be pinching themselves.  Star Trek, the Starfleet Academy Experience, kicked off its summer run at the Museum, May 13th.   It's a must visit for every Trekkie and pop culture fan; promising to be one of the biggest tourist draw in the Nation's Capital.   For 26 students hired to help the public interact with the exhibit, it's a once in a lifetime experience.  

While the hiring has been done, there is still a chance of landing one of the best summer jobs in Ottawa this year.   So grab your resume and prepare to hustle.   Stacy Wakefor, the Aviation Museum's Director of Visitor Experience explains why more summer staff will needed.  

It was a secret assignment applicants were not allowed to talk about.   Well before the Starfleet Academy Experience landed at the Aviation Museum, work had begun to whip up excitement for the event.  

Ottawa marketing firm Acart came up with a campaign that depended on the right people to pull it off.   The successful applicants would spend the summer in Star Trek costumes, posing beside Captain Kirk's chair and a crashed escape pod from the Starship Enterprise.   Their job, to ignite curiosity, encourage interaction which, ultimately would lead to a visit to the Aviation Museum.  

Ben Logan and Melanie Brown,  two marketing graduates were hired as part of team of 8.   They agreed to talk to me about their unique summer job.  When I met them they were in the back of the Aviation Museum, painting and fixing and moving the props they work with every day.   

Ben and Melanie, and the rest of their team will continue to don their costumes and promote the StarFleet Academy Experience all summer. The World Premier exhibit is open until Labour Day.