Osgoode High Career Day

Life, as the saying goes, is the best teacher.   Sadly, most of us live an entire life and never learn some of life's most important lessons. 

The teachers at Osgoode and District High school, in Metcalfe, south of Ottawa,  decided to help jump start their graduating classes' life lessons.   For one day they put aside their teaching hats and talked to their kids about their own lives, what they learned growing up, the hurdles they had encountered and how they overcame them.   It was called EMPOWER ME DAY.    I was invited to be part of the day, to open up the the students about some of the challenges in my life, as a journalist, a mother, and now a newly hired radio host.  

Whether the graduating class of 2016 will take anything they heard and learn from it is anyone's guess.  What counts right now, for me at least, is that more adults seem to recognize that to be a great teacher, you have to be open and honest, vulnerable and human.