New Sex Assault Protocols for Renfrew County

New Sex assault protocols for Renfrew County will be released May 30th in Pembroke, in the Upper Ottawa Valley.    

It comes after months of research and study at Queens University, commissioned after the brutal murders of three women in Renfrew County in September this year. Anastasia Kuzyk, Natalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton were found dead in separate homes around the Wilno area. 57 year old Basil Borutski, who was known to the women,  is charged with three counts of first degree murder.

 pictures courtesy CBC 

pictures courtesy CBC 

The slayings ignited debate over whether the justice system had done enough to protect the women from Borutski, who has an extensive criminal record.  

The Rape Crisis Centre of Renfrew County has long asserted that women in the area are more vulnerable to abuse and murder because of where they live.  Renfrew county is vast, covering almost 75 hundred square kilometres.  There is no public transit, communities are long distances apart and police sometimes hours away.  

The Queens Study looked at all the factors affecting response times, communication and protection policies.  

The new protocols for police, hospitals and shelters will be made public Monday, May 30th. 

Eight months too late for three women who never stood a chance against a man bent on murder.