The Elements - Glamorous Camping

Camping season is officially here.  Pitching a tent, rolling out the sleeping bags and eating hotdogs over an open fire is the perfect summer vacation for many Canadians.

Traditional campgrounds now require reservations because camping is so popular.  

What if you want to camp, "sort of"  sleep outdoors, without any of the hardships?  

Yes, there are plenty of people who apparently would like to do that.  

Ottawa entrepreneur Nikki Laframboise is banking on it.  

The brave thirty-something dynamo is opening the first GLAMPING site in Eastern Ontario. ELEMENTS LUXURY TENT CAMPING is located on the former STORYLAND site, about a hour west of Ottawa.   

I had to check it out.  

Elements officially open June 2nd.  At the time of writing it is 60 per cent booked.  

For more information 

793 Storyland Rd, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z8, Canada

t: 613.432.8000