Anna Karina Tabunar

There are people we meet throughout our life who leave an impression.  For me, one such person, is Anna Karina Tabunar.  She is smart, thoughtful and articulate. Whatever she says, is usually delivered with a huge smile.   AK,  as most of her friends call her, radiates positivity and energy.   They are traits she has needed to deal with a personal health crisis.  A strain of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, affected her muscles, and continues to affect her eyesight.  Instead of being sidelined, Anna Karina wrote, directed and produced a documentary that is radically changing the way employers view people with disabilities.  

That's why I think you should know more about Anna Karina Tabunar and Talent Untapped. 


Anna Karina plans to continue screening her documentary for governments and workplaces around the world.  She is currently developing courses and workshops for potential employers on how they can affect change for workers with disabilities.  

Season Five of Canada in Perspective will debut in June, tackling issues, she says,  are of interest and relevance to everyone, not just those with disabilities.  

AK's life is full and meaningful.    Her ability to work she says, is due to three amazing occupational therapists who have helped her learn how to modify her environment to lessen her symptoms.  

I couldn't end our time together without asking about her eyesight.  I was saddened by her answer, but also comforted with how she views the future.  

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