Several Blogs back I told you about Canada's Gardening Guru and his appeal for all of us to plant a tree to mark the country's 150th birthday.  I vowed to take up Ed Lawrence's challenge, although now I am going to have to plant more than one tree, several, in fact.  

While examining several diseased Ash trees in my neighbourhood, I discovered a mature Linden tree on my property was in poor shape.  For years I had watched the squirrels fight to see who would inhabit the tree each spring, so I was aware there was a cavity.  Nothing prepared me for how extensive the hole had become over the winter.  It wasn't good.  A tree expert advised that it should come down, before it fell.  

With a heavy heart I decided it had to be done.  As luck would have it, a neighbour had just hired a crew of young tree climbers/cutters and highly recommended them.   

On a bright Saturday morning Devin Runge, his friend and colleague Chris Maxsom and a helper showed up ready to bring down an old friend.