A confession.   I have always dreamed of writing a book.   That's why I am so fascinated by, and admire,  those who actually sit down and do it.  On my new show on 1310 News I plan to start interviewing a  local author every week.  I am curious, as I am sure most people are, about the entire process, how authors choose their subjects, how long it takes them to write, and how they overcome the obstacles to getting their books published.   I hope listeners will enjoy hearing about local writers and support them.  I'm getting a jump on my radio plans, here in my blog. 

On Sunday I popped into Mansfield Shoes in the Manotick Mews  to chat with someone I know.   To my surprise a book signing was happening inside.  A local author, who knows the store owner, had set up for the afternoon.   While Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil was busy signing copies of her book, Ruby Red Shoes, I had a chance to talk to two women who had made a point of coming to meet her.

Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil, is not new to writing.  She has had a children's book published.  Her newest work, Ruby Red Shoes, was published in December last year.  It's an inspirational guide for women.  Kristine works the federal government when she is not pursuing her passion for writing.  

Ruby Red Shoes is available at Mansfield Shoes in Manotick.  You can also email