Sol The Violinist

You know the sound of a bazaar.  Happy chatter from all sides.  Laughter and children's voices, all mixed into one large seamless sound.  That's what I walked into as I entered the main hub of the Dickinson Days action in Manotick, south of Ottawa.  

It was fun making my way past the stalls which offered an array of interesting goods.   I was keeping my eyes peeled for something of interest, something with a story I could tell.  But, it was my ears that led me to him.

I can't really describe the music, but something about it just touched me. 

When I arrived at the source, I had to smile.    

Here was a young man, tattooed, with a head of frizzy blond/black hair seemingly attached to an electric violin.  I could tell the two had an intimate relationship.  The music, classical, yet hard to categorize.   At his feet appeared to be some electronic boxes he occasionally adjusted.

When the musical piece that drew me over ended,  the musician broke into a huge smile.  That's when I moved in with my questions.  

His professional name is Sol the Violinist.   His real name is John Shibley, although he didn't tell me that.   His proud mother, did.  

The story of how John Sibley became Sol the Violinist is an interesting one.  Of course it is, John is an artist.   An artist, I discovered, who has a different kind of plan for the future.