Conroy Pit

As cities go, Ottawa is pretty dog friendly.  I have lived in cities where dogs are not allowed to run free, at all.   Tough measures taken after too many dog owners refused to pick up poop or control their animals.  Believe me, it was not fun having to walk a leashed dog all the time.  

Dogs want to run and play, heck, they need it, and so do we.  Luckily we have two huge dog playgrounds in Ottawa. The Bruce Pit in the West End, and Conroy Pit in the East, just north of Hunt Club.  

The Dog walkers love it just as much as their dogs.  

It does not take  a lot to stoop and scoop.  To all those who DO pick up, thank you.  To those who can't be bothered, consider what it would be like to lose the privilege of walking your dog freely. And to those who pick up and bag, and THEN hang the bag like an ornament on a tree, a pox on your dog house.