In today's crazy world many of us long for a by-gone era when life was simpler; when the horse and buggy were king on the road, and the cost of fuel was a bale of hay.  Members of the Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society can go back in time simply by  harnessing a horse to the right carriage, donning the proper attire and saying "walk on."    They're competitors in a sport/hobby that keeps history alive.   

If you're not familiar with Pleasure Driving, you're not alone.  A new friend,  Mary Mulligan told me about it.  She and her husband, Ian,  compete in the sport.  It sounds like so much fun I had to check it out.  I caught up with the Mulligans just after they returned from the Walnut Hill Carriage Show in Pittsford, New Jersey. 

We couldn't leave the Mulligans without taking a pleasure carriage ride around their beautiful farm.  The west side - behind their home,  is their practice area, where Ian has erected show obstacles and even a water feature.   The Mulligans are not sure when they will compete next or where they will make an appearance.  However, do look for them if you visit the Richmond Fair or Upper Canada Village.   


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