Justina McCaffrey 1310 Interview

Her name is Justina McCaffrey.  She was born Justina Antoniuk.  The world knows her by her married name because that's who she was at the height of her bridal design business.  Justina MaCaffrey bridal gowns have been worn by well known Canadian brides (Catherine Clark) and celebrities.    They have been featured in Vogue and the top fashion magazines.  There was a time Justina McCaffrey and her husband David ruled the world of bridal gowns and dresses.   

In 2008 it all came crashing down when Justina found herself locked out of her factory and Sussex Street store by her husband and business partner.  Their marriage was over.  The business never recovered.   

It's hard to keep a good woman down.   Justina recovered with the help of her family and friends. She continues to design gowns and cotton shirts under the name Justina Bridal.  She has once again set up shop in Ottawa, and is forging ahead with her well known enthusiasm.   

You don't experience what she did and not learn something.   For Justina, that something is the need or women to "protect"  their brand.  To guard their creations, their ideas, their intellectual properties, because as she says "life happens."     On Monday, August 29th Justina McCaffrey sat down with me in the 1310 news studio for a wide ranging chat.   What I have posted here picks up our conversation following her description of the unexpected split from her husband David McCaffrey.