My Radio Show at 1310 News

Six months after I was laid off from my long time television anchoring job I was hired at 1310 news to host an afternoon radio show.   I had worked in radio in my previous life at CBC in Calgary. Still, I was under no illusion that it would be like riding a bicycle. Initially, I wasn't so sure I should take the offer.  I had just started this blog, Local Stories-Local People, and was loving every minute of it.  It was also time consuming and I worried I would not be able to juggle both.  My friends and my blog advisor told me to  "just do it" - move to radio and assume a new challenge and do the blog too. Now, I am fairly high energy, but I had no idea how much "thinking" and concentration radio work would take.  For the first two month I drag myself home exhausted.   

It meant I had little juice to give to my  blog, which means I have been posting fewer new pieces than I want.  I apologize - if I have disappointed anyone.  I just can't afford to spread myself too thin.  My children were feeling it, my health too.  

That said, I am starting to get a better handle on what I am doing at 1310.  It still isn't easy.  I am not as relaxed talking to "myself" in a small room as I want to be.  I am not as smooth and confident as I want to be either.  But I am improving.  My luck,  I'll be doing great - just as my contract is up next May.  (Irish humour)   

Over the last few months I have met so many people who have changed career course later in life. Without exception everyone was happy.   I am part of that growing group - forced to make a big life change only to realize it really was meant to be.  We all get stuck in ruts - a comfortable job can end up being like a prison, only we don't realize it until we are "sprung."   Life is fresh and new - challenging and frustrating,  but at the end of the day, rewarding.   Below is a video of a typical day in my life now.  I shot it all myself,  so please excuse my poor selfies, and please don't write me and tell me a need a makeup artist.  I left that behind with the nice dresses and suits, and perfect hair required to work in television.   Free at last!.