Welcome Home Melissa Bishop

Like all journalists and radio hosts in Ottawa I have been lobbying to get Melissa Bishop on my show.  Being from Pembroke would surely give me an inside track. After all I have been to Eganville, Melissa's hometown so many times, we're practically neighbours.  But no,  turned out I had to wait my turn with everyone else. Canada's newest darling has been in hot demand since her incredible record breaking run in the women's 800 finals at the Rio Olympics.  She also ran another race in Europe before heading back home.

Melissa Bishop,  finally visited the 1310 studios Wednesday, Sept. 7th.  She sat down with Ottawa Today morning host and runner Mark Sutcliffe.  Afterwards she was gracious enough to give me a few minutes out of her jam packed day.  I found Melissa to be everything I thought she would be, confident, driven yet easy going, humble and funny.  In other words, the perfect role model for other young Canadian runners.